The demonstration project Biopolymer packaging was initiated by KIEM to explore the implementation of the latest biopoly-mers in the packaging industry.
Partners: Campina Melkunie, Elopak, KLM Cityhopper, Basic,Fleurmerc, Mercurius, Heutink , EasyFood, Borden, Elco Trade.
Research project initiated by KIEM on natural fibres reinforced plastics for lightweight and affordable components for the automotive industry. The weight reduction can be 15 - 40%.
Partners: Wageningen University, Ceres, Cintec foundation, ECN University of Delft and Wientjes.
KIEM innovations together with the Zwartz BV and the Delft University are developing a new biocomposite sheet for sandwich constructions and 3D shapes. A natural fabric reinforced thermoplastic suitable for mass production. KIEM innovations together with the Prince fibre Tech BV, DLR Braunsschweig (D) Sachsenleinen (D) Dynea Austria (A) are developing a new natural fibre reinforced plastic profile for high performance building constructions. made with the pultrusion process
This project was focused on reducing the eco impact of the conditioning, the packa-ging and distribution (cooling) of fresh food. The waste of fresh food in the distribution chain can be 30%. Partners: Campina Melkunie, Laurus supermarket group, Groko, KEMA Institute and the University of Delft. A cooperative project by Wavin KLS, Kiwa, Wageningen University, KIEM and Sphinx. In this project research has been executed to find solutions for a radical reduction of the water use in households. Developed systems can save more than 50% water and can save50% energy. KIEM, Inteco, J.E. Storkair and University of Eindhoven have done a cooperative project on a integral heating and cooling system for renovation and new building projects. Energy demand of households can be halved with a new integrated concept for climate control. Biotrigen is a heat pump with integrated power generation for generate electricity heat and also cold on biofuel. KIEM, Global Cooling and ECN has done studies to the costs, energy and CO2 savings for homes. Biotrigen can save 100% natural gas, 50% in cost and 82% on CO2 emissions.