Solutions for a radical reduction of
water use in households is possible without the risks for public health and reliability.

Three integrated water systems can reduce 50% water consumption and 5% of the gas consumption:

1. A rainwater system that makes washes with rainwater possible.

2. A combi toilet system that uses grey water from shower, bath and washing machine for toilet flushing.

3. A shower heat recovery system with a counter flow principle that can be used together with the grey water system.



Energy demand of households can be halved with a new concept for climate control that is able to heat or cool a specific environment quickly on
demand with only one installation controlled by sensors and a computer.

Lower room temperature is
compensated by heat radiation in winter and cold panels on the ceilings keeps
the inhabitants cool in the summer.



The largest part of the energy consumption per capita still is used for home heating and hot water.
That means an extensive contribution to CO2-emissions and nutrification.

A number of developments are taking place at this moment like super
insulated houses, large windows on the south-side and new heat pumps and Micro-cogeneration as successors of
the High-Efficiency gas-fired boilers.

An alternative is a heat pump that operates directly by free piston stirling engine. Such a system can generate both heat and cold and electricity. Moreover the system can operate on biofuel.